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Things I discovered today:

Starbucks wifi blocks fanfiction.net cos it might "not be suitable for a family environment"!


Was looking at major crimes fic, I feel no shame ;-)

ps happy 2013!

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As time goes by.....

2 hours of wrapping the kids Christmas presents made easier by watching the DVD of Mary's panels at the SF Ball.

Then it struck me - in February it'll be 4 years since that con! 4 years, how is that possible.? Even more terrifyingly, 2013 will be 10 years since the BSG mini aired!!! Time goes by too quickly as I get old(er). I only hope someone sees that anniversary as a good excuse for a BSG convention (in the UK please).

Enjoy the festive period and all best wishes for 2013 xx

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Back to the Future

I started re-watching BSG.

I've loved a lot of stuff since; The Killing 1 and 2 (Danish versions), Borgen, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights to name a few.

But nothing *gets* me like BSG. I'm ruined.

That's down to you Eddie, but mostly you Mary.


Seriously, enjoying the trip down memory lane though.

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"Faith" review at TWOP

I just read Jacob's review of "Faith" at TWOP. I loved his description of the the final A/R scene and thought some of my flist may enjoy it. The full review is 24(!) pages long so I've placed the excerpt beneath the cut!

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I may update properly soon, but in the meantime:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY nnaylime !!!

I hope you have the thoroughly wonderful day you deserve.


One Good Turn.....

deserves another.

I was looking through the BSG t-shirts on www.CafePress.com the other day and came across these "Team Starbuck" and "Team Apollo" ones which I quite liked. Obviously I don't want to be on team Leemo so I tracked down an email address for the shop owner asking if she had any plan to do a "Team Roslin" version. She emailed me back saying my wish was her command and now there are "Team Roslin" and "Team Adama" ones. I didn't ask for the Adama one but I guess she knows enough about BSG to figure those that want to be on "Team Roslin" may also want "Team Adama." It occurs to me now that "Team Adama/Roslin" is pretty much the dream team ;)

Anyway, as she was kind enough to do it for me I thought I should share the link.

Team Roslin

My t shirt is currently on its way across the Atlantic. God bless the exchange rate :)

Birthday Wishes

Happy, Happy Birthday kimbari

I hope you have a lovely day :)


BSG Love Meme

Because it's such a wonderful idea of nnaylime's I'm pimping the BSG LOVE MEME
So go give some love :)

(I particularly love this idea because my internet time is sometimes so limited that I don't get chance to comment as often as I'd like. It's nice to have one place to say thanks!)

My Xmas Stocking

OK, so everyone else has one and I don't like to be the odd one out!

Happy Holidays :)

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My BSG Essay

So, yes, this lj thing might be a bit addictive because here I am again ;)

Anyway over at the boards at scifi.com (where I rarely post might I add) there was recently an essay competition set by Mrs Ron entitled "Why I Like Battlestar Galactica". The results aren't out yet but I have no hope because the quality was fantastic. They do seem to have deleted the thread now which is a shame.

But if you can't repost waffle at your own lj, where can you?

It's behind the cut should anyone wish to read.

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